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1940’s Weekend at Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens, Spalding, 17th and 18th August 2013.

A big thank-you to the Julia Knight (middle, right) and the other organisers, for inviting us to show our vast collection of WWII memorabilia and to be part of this fantastic event, set in the historic surroundings of the Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, Spalding.

Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, August 2013

The talented Cherie Lawrence performed many of the hits from the 1940’s. You can hear a short compilation of her songs by clicking her picture (above). We are hoping Cherie will sing at some of our future events - watch this space!

Spalding’s annual VJ Day remembrance parade was held on Sunday, 18th August, in Ayscoughfee Hall Museum’s beautiful gardens. Thank-you to Robert Bester, who took these excellent pictures and gave us kind permission to publish them.

Ayscoughfee Event 2013 Ayscoughfee Event 2013 Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, August 2013

Meet the Team!

From left, Paul Britchford and Linda Leighton, curators of the We’ll Meet Again Mobile WW2 Museum; Paul - volunteer and website designer, and willing volunteers Mike and Darren.

Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, August 2013 Ayscoughfee Event 2013 Ayscoughfee Event 2013

We had the honour of meeting more veterans and hearing some of their amazing stories.

Don’t worry - you’ll grow into it!

Click to hear Cherie sing!
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Ayscoughfee Hall Museum, August 2013

We would like to say a big thank-you to the many people who approached us at the event and donated pieces of wartime memorabilia to our museum. These items will be used to enhance the education of children and are greatly appreciated.