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We provide a real Living History experience to schools and in all the venues we attend. We offer full days teaching to students of all ages, incorporating many of our rare and valuable artefacts into the lessons. Children get the opportunity to look at, touch and wear many or our items during our visit, giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with real history.

Living History brought to your school

Learning in school with We'll Meet Again, Mobile WWII Museum.
Our aim is to teach children about all aspects of life on the Home Front during WW2, using a variety of authentic items from the period.
We teach about what life was really like for children and adults at home during the difficult war years, including rationing, evacuation, the blitz, the Home Guard and the Land Army.
Learning in school with We'll Meet Again, Mobile WWII Museum.
This hands-on approach stimulates the children’s learning ability and gives them a better respect and understanding of the subject.
We do not publish set prices, as the final cost depends on how far we travel and how many days we will be on site. However, our charges start from just £400 (inclusive) for a whole day at a local school or venue, with discounts for additional days booked. This price includes a pre-visit to the school or venue during which we look at the suitability of the setup area and discuss how to get the most from our visit. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

What does it cost?

What Others Think Of We’ll Meet Again
You can read some testimonials written by teachers from the schools we have already visited, which confirm our belief that the learning process is greatly enhanced when there is an opportunity to interact with some of the actual items being taught about.
Learning in school with We'll Meet Again, Mobile WWII Museum.
WWII’s not just for boys! Girls get involved with life on the Home Front during WW2 with the help of many rare and interesting vintage fashion items of the period.

All of the We’ll Meet Again teaching events compliment the current WW2 History curriculum.