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A special feature of our five-day event at the Perlethorpe Environmental Education Centre, October 2013

In partnership with the Perlethorpe Environmental Education Centre and Nottinghamshire County Council We'll Meet Again held another highly successful week-long living history WW2 teaching event.  

Together with the staff at Perlethorpe and the Queens Royal lancers and Yeomanry museum we managed to deliver a full truly hands on learning opportunity during the week, the children's experienced how it was to be brought to the school as wartime evacuees and learned what it was like to be billeted to different families just like they would have been during WW2 .

Other activities included enrolment  into the Pelethorpe home Guard which resulted in  trips in a real army truck dressed as wartime Tommy's, marching and working as a team just like real soldiers. All this in the superb WW2 history-soaked surroundings of North Thoresby Hall Estate.

ARP Warden Richards, who is also the Perlethorpe Evacuee Billeting officer, gave the children Air Raid drill, using a genuine WW2 siren. As part of this session they were taken into a authentic Air raid shelter and experienced an air raid, thanks to a superb audio interpretation to enhance the realism.

The Perlethorpe school was transformed with thousands of real wartime items to help transport the students back in time ..the children got the chance to hold and interact with many wartime items during this fantastic and unique week.

For a better understanding of just what a fantastic experience this teaching resource is for children, why not watch the video we created from the earlier visit to Perlethorpe, in April 2013.

Perlethorpe Environmental Centre, October 2013 Perlethorpe Environmental Centre, October 2013 Laceby Acres, October 2013 Laceby Acres, October 2013 Laceby Acres, October 2013

The children were also introduced to life on the Home front, with gas mask training, Rationing, Dig for Victory the Land Army the learning was brought to life using genuine artefacts from the period.