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Here is a picture feature from our fantastic 2-day event with the Finningley Community Group, between the 23rd and 24th May 2014.

We would like to say thank you to the Finningley Community for their generosity and hospitality during our visit, making us feel very welcome. Many members of the community donated rare war-time artefacts to the museum. These will be used to teach children in future events and to enhance our displays.

Children from the St Oswald’s Academy responded well to the teaching and were able to interact with our unique living history museum, including experiencing the thought-provoking air-raid simulation - a sensory show incorporating lights, sounds and smoke effects. At popular request, many adults experienced this on the open day.  

Finningley Community Group Finningley Community Group Branston Junior Academy, December 2014 Finningley Community Group Finningley Community Group

Everyone was overwhelmed with the volume of artefacts that we brought to the venue. Unlike most museum collections that are hidden away behind glass, ours is used as a living history teaching resource - many items are introduced during lessons to enhance the learning experience. This is what makes our museum unique, and why we are getting such positive and rewarding results when we teach children about WW2…

Finningley Community Group

…and finally, here is a video snippet from the event, filmed by the Doncaster Free Press.

St John's 2014 Special Feature


Finningley, May 2014