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Hildred Centre, Skegness, July 2014 - Special Feature

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Hildred Centre July 2014

We must say a massive thank-you to Steve Andrews, the Manager of the Hildred Centre, who offered us the use of one of the shops to showcase part of our massive collection. Thousands of people came into the shop over the course of the week. The reaction we got and the feedback we received were phenomenal. We have made new friends and new contacts for future events.

Hildred Centre July 2014

We were pleased to invite the Royal charity, Army Benevolent Fund, to the event so they could raise funds for this worthwhile cause.

During the week over £1500 was raised - a fantastic amount!

The charity have been invited to our next event, the Village at War Weekend at the Church Farm Museum, Skegness.

A special thanks to Darren, who gave up his time to help us during the very busy week.

He lost count of how many times he got his cheeks pinched during the week - sometimes on his face!

The Mayor of Skegness kindly took the time to come and visit us and was very impressed with what he saw. He has pledged his support to our project.