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Melvyn Prior
BBC Radio Lincolnshire recently invited us on to the Melvyn Prior Breakfast Show, to talk about taking our museum into schools and how it all started. Click on the picture (left) to listen to the interview.
Judy Theobald
We were pleased to be invited back to BBC Radio Lincolnshire to take part in the Judy Theobald Daytime Show, on Sunday 23/10/11. The theme of the show was life during WW2. We were able to spend much more time explaining about our passion for teaching children about WW2 and the exciting upcoming project, in corporation with the RSPB and CBFT, at the Freiston Shore Coastal Defences. Click Judy’s picture to play the recording of her show.


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We took part in a debate, live on a Melvyn Prior show, discussing the WW2 education of children in schools. We suggested that the children be asked their views. BBC Radio Lincolnshire then came to our next event, at the North Hykeham Primary School, Lincoln, where they broadcast the views of the children during Rod Whiting’s Breakfast Show. Click Rod’s picture, left, to hear the broadcast.

Our 2-day teaching event at the Holt Primary School, Skellingthorpe, 23-24/09/13, was featured on Scott Dalton’s BBC Radio Lincolnshire show on 25/09/13. Click to hear the report from Suzie Lawson, including children singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and their reaction to hearing an authentic-sounding air raid in their classroom.

In our second appearance on the Mervyn Prior morning show on 4th November 2015, we first announced our plans for a static Museum at Freiston Shore, through the generosity of a local resident, Janet Bland. Again, simply click Mervyn’s picture to hear the show.

Melvyn Prior